Enterprise mobility management

As more enterprise data moves to the cloud and users increasingly rely on mobile devices for business and personal use, enterprise mobility management solutions have become an essential part of IT infrastructure.

Users expect fast and engaging web experiences and superior mobile performance on any device in any location. When their expectations aren’t met, they’ll quickly abandon engagement with one brand and seek satisfaction from another. To meet these demands, enterprise mobility management must handle a broad range of challenges – from device proliferation to application complexity and varying connection speeds. The ability to optimize each web experience based on the end user’s unique situation and context – that’s the real goal of enterprise mobility management.

Akamai delivers superior enterprise mobility management solutions.

Akamai meets the challenges of enterprise mobility management with the first and only situational web performance technology. Akamai Ion is a tightly integrated suite of technologies that delivers real-time web experience optimization based on the specifics of an end user’s device, location, browser and network. With Ion enterprise mobility solutions, enterprises can deliver fast and engaging experiences across a wide variety of situations – consumer websites, business apps, mobile sites and apps, and SaaS apps.

Akamai Ion enables enterprises to:

  • Offer rich, engaging web experiences that exceed user expectations for speed and availability across devices, applications, browsers and networks.
  • Maximize conversions and engagement while minimizing abandonment across mobile and desktop web experiences.
  • Increase transactions and improve engagement with uninterrupted availability.
  • Scale applications easily to meet the demands of peak traffic conditions.
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of enterprise mobility management.
  • Achieve greater insight into how users connect with a brand.
  • Reduce costs by offloading network infrastructure.

Comprehensive capabilities for enterprise mobility management

Ion provides best-in-class mobile cloud services capabilities to deliver the scale, performance and intelligence required for superior enterprise mobility management. Capabilities include:

  • Caching, advanced offload and site failover capabilities to reduce expensive web infrastructure while improving availability and scalability.
  • Fully automated solutions for situational web performance to speed web application responses and anticipate requests in fewer round trips and bytes. Ion enterprise mobility technology applies optimizations adaptively based on analysis of the web application and the end user’s environment including browser, network speed, device and the presence of third-party services.
  • Real user monitoring, device characterization, and mobile detection and redirect to deliver unprecedented insight into the experiences of actual customers and the ability to make decisions based on that information.

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