Enterprise mobility

The trend toward enterprise mobility presents some pretty significant challenges for your IT organizations.

As a growing number of business users choose to conduct business transactions with smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices, your IT infrastructure must provide fast, secure and scalable mobile access to corporate data and web applications. And to meet user expectations for exceptional mobile performance and flawless delivery of mobile video and rich content, your infrastructure must overcome mobile bandwidth issues, proliferation of mobile devices and constant change in mobile technology.

Akamai can help. As the world’s leading provider of services and solutions for the Content Delivery Network (CDN), we offer best-in-class enterprise mobility solutions that deliver high-performance web and mobile experiences optimized for any device, network and browser.

Akamai solves the challenges of enterprise mobility.

Akamai Ion is the first situational performance solution for web performance and enterprise mobility. This tightly integrated suite of scale, performance and intelligence technologies enables real-time mobile experience optimization based on the end user’s device, location, browser and network. Built on the globally distributed Akamai Intelligent Platform™, Akamai Ion simplifies enterprise mobility management and provides enterprise mobility solutions that maximize availability, security and scalability.

Akamai Ion provides significant benefits for enterprise mobility, enabling you to:

  • Provide engaging web and mobile experiences that exceed user expectations.
  • Increase transactions and user engagement by providing uninterrupted availability.
  • Scale applications to meet the demands of peak traffic conditions.
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of developing, delivering and optimizing mobile experiences on any device.
  • Gain insight into how users engage with your brand across devices, networks, geographies and browsers.
  • Reduce operational costs and offload network infrastructure leveraging the Akamai Intelligent Platform™.

Comprehensive capabilities for enterprise mobility.

Akamai Ion enterprise mobility solutions provide the scalability, performance and insight required to support superior enterprise mobility. Capabilities include:

  • Caching: Ion continually caches fresh content onto servers that are closest to end users.
  • Site failover: Comprehensive failover capabilities reroute requests when the origin is not available.
  • Advanced offload: Ion relies on user segmentation to enable more granular and intelligent caching of dynamic and personalized content.
  • Authoritative DNS: Akamai Edge DNS helps to eliminate costly redirects that reduce page load times.
  • Enhanced Akamai Protocol: Ion increases efficiencies at the TCP layer when networks are congested, taking advantage of the most aggressive mapping and network protocol optimizations.
  • SureRoute: Akamai route optimization technology identifies the fastest and most reliable path to origin to retrieve and deliver dynamic and interactive content.
  • Real-user monitoring: this technology monitors web pages and collects performance data to provide key insight into the experience of end users.

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