Mobile Applications

Cloud computing and user mobility have dramatically changed how enterprise IT services are produced and consumed. On the production side, enterprises are becoming more efficient and agile by building private clouds, outsourcing to cloud computing companies, or fashioning hybrid cloud solutions that couple private and public cloud resources. On the consumption side, smartphone-toting employees, business partners, and customers are increasingly using mobile applications to engage with the enterprise while on the go.

Cloud computing and mobile applications both have the effect of making the public internet a key component in application delivery. This poses risks for enterprise IT departments tasked with managing and optimizing application performance. Akamai's global application delivery platform helps enterprises manage those risks and ensures fast, reliable performance for mobile applications and other web-enabled business applications.

Accelerate Mobile Applications from Cloud to End User

Akamai's Web Performance Solutions let your business leverage the internet as a managed platform for delivering business applications from any data center to any user, on any device, anywhere in the world. The Web Performance Solutions suite runs on the Akamai Intelligent Platform, which spans more than 216,000 servers in over 120 countries and is a single network hop away from more than 90% of internet users. Using this global application delivery platform, you can deliver mobile applications and mobile data from Akamai servers close to the gateway nodes that link mobile carrier networks to the public internet.

The Akamai Web Performance Solutions service not only boosts the performance of mobile applications by delivering content from the internet's edges—it also optimizes IP routing between mobile devices and origin servers in your data center or in a mobile cloud, as well as performing intelligent real-time optimizations at the TCP and HTTP layers of application delivery.

Mobile Application Optimizations for Peak Performance

To drive the best possible performance from your mobile applications, you can couple Akamai's application delivery service with our Web Performance Solutions Mobile service which utilizes an intelligent mobile optimization layer on top of the Akamai global application delivery platform. The Web Performance Solutions Mobile service applies real-time mobile application optimizations including:

  • Front end optimization (FEO)
  • Adaptive image compression
  • Mobile detection and redirect
  • Akamai Mobile Protocol, which helps overcome the high latency and packet loss associated with mobile networks The Web Performance Solutions also support real user monitoring, to provide an insight into how actual users are engaging with your mobile applications.

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