Mobile Optimization

For businesses that sell or market goods and services on the web, mobile optimization is no longer a novelty—it's a necessity. Today's consumers are increasingly using mobile devices rather than desktop computers to research products, engage with brands, and make online purchases. To thrive in this new world of mobile commerce, you need a mobile optimization strategy that ensures a high quality experience for customers and prospects who access your web content from smartphones or tablets.

Mobile Optimization Challenges

With big opportunities often come big challenges, and mobile commerce is no exception. For businesses developing a mobile optimization strategy, the broad challenges include:

  • Wireless network problems. Despite progress in cellular network bandwidth, wireless internet access is still slower, more variable, and more prone to packet loss than fixed line internet. Regardless, most consumers expect their mobile web experiences to be just as seamless as their desktop web experiences.
  • Mobile device limitations and inconsistencies. Beyond the obvious screen size limitations, smartphones also have processor and memory constraints that can hinder the performance of webpage rendering and web-connected mobile applications. The wide variance in mobile device capabilities further complicates mobile optimization efforts.
  • Rapid change. Even by the standards of the internet age, the pace of change in the mobile sector is breathtaking. For businesses developing mobile optimization strategies, the challenge is to be agile enough to quickly adapt to unforeseen developments in network and device capabilities and mobile device usage.

Mobile Optimization Made Easy: Akamai's Web Performance Solutions Mobile Platform

Akamai's Web Performance Solutions Mobile platform is a cloud-based mobile optimization solution suite that delivers a fast, high quality online experience to mobile users, while enabling you to offload much of the complexity associated with mobile optimization. The Web Performance Solutions Mobile platform layers mobile optimization on top of Akamai's globe-spanning content distribution network and provides your users with tailored content based on real-time intelligence about the connecting device and network conditions.

The Web Performance Solutions Mobile platform provides you a multi-faceted mobile optimization solution that includes:

  • Edge caching. Accelerate your mobile users' online experience by having cacheable content served to them from Akamai edge servers located in or near mobile carriers' internet gateways.
  • Mobile detection and redirect. For businesses with separate mobile optimized websites, servers at the edges of Akamai's distribution network can perform mobile detection and redirect. This speeds users' initial access to your site and reduces your origin infrastructure requirements.
  • Front end optimization. Akamai edge servers apply real-time front end optimization (FEO) to HTML pages to reduce the number of associated HTTP requests, optimize the request order to speed rendering, and reduce the amount of delivered data.
  • Adaptive Image Compression. The Web Performance Solutions Mobile platform compresses JPEG images to a greater or lesser degree based on real-time intelligence about network conditions.
  • Enhanced Mobile Protocol. To further accelerate your mobile users' web experience, the Web Performance Solutions Mobile platform implements protocol optimizations such as real-time TCP parameter tuning and HTTP pipelining.

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