Akamai Critical Priorities Future Focused CIOs

3 Critical Priorities for Future-Focused CIOs

How organizations can make their online interactions fast, secure, and agile.

We're entering an era of near infinite connectivity and endless possibility. It’s a pivotal era for CIOs challenged with harnessing the tremendous business productivity and growth potential of the Internet. Three keys to success are meeting the ever-accelerating demand for rich mobile and digital experiences, maintaining online security, and keeping infrastructure agile to enable business change.

1. How will you deliver engaging digital experiences when customers are constantly raising the bar?

Customers expect fast, flawless, and ever more personalized digital experiences, including instant ubiquitous access to the content they want. That drives up the number and complexity of digital interactions. Five million additional devices come online every day, and social media usage – especially video – continues to skyrocket. Akamai enables online businesses to stay ahead of demand and avoid capacity crunches through a highly distributed network with thousands of cloud servers at the “edge” of the Internet, all within one network hop of every Internet user around the globe.

2. With orders-of-magnitude increases in data volume and connectivity, how will you secure your organization and information?

Organized crime, political hacktivists, and even governments are exploiting the Internet for their own ends. Over the past year, large-scale DDoS attacks – over 100 Gbps – increased by 140%. Each year, 98% of organizations are compromised by web application attacks. Bots, many of them unfriendly, now account for nearly 50% of web traffic. It requires cloud-based security to handle threats on this scale. Akamai’s distributed platform can act as an effective and scalable defensive shield, and we develop security solutions that consistently remain ahead of malicious attack methods.

3. To enable business change, how will you keep technology infrastructure agile and manageable?

For businesses to grow, infrastructure must scale. To be a catalyst for business digitization and process change, infrastructure must be adaptable. To drive operational efficiency, infrastructure must be fast and efficient. To meet those sometimes-competing objectives, organizations increasingly rely on cloud-based services, which means they must be adept at monitoring, managing, and improving their performance online. Akamai has created innovative and highly manageable cloud delivery solutions trusted by one out of every three Global 500 companies.

CIOs who execute and innovate in the three key areas of customer experience, digital security, and agile infrastructure will position their organizations for success well into the future.

Why customers rely on Akamai:

  • Unparalleled scale and resiliency with the world’s largest and most trusted cloud delivery solution
  • The most secure network through continuous protection, analysis, and innovation
  • The most experienced people available 24/7 to optimize performance and maximize protection

Every day the Akamai platform:

  • Processes 3 trillion transactions 
  • Logs and stores 315 PB of data 
  • Interacts with more than 1.3B unique client devices 
  • Generates more than 7 PB of data just logging the transactions

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