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The State of the Internet

Making sense of the new age of information security and web performance.

The State of the Internet series provides expert insights on the cloud security and web performance landscape, based on data gathered from the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform.

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Additional Resources

Pykspa v2 DGA Updated to Become Selective
Lior Lahav

Akamai researchers track and analyze recent changes to the Pykspa v2 domain generation algorithm (DGA) and how they have made it more selective.

SIRT Advisory: Silexbot Bricking Systems With Known Default Login Credentials
Larry Cashdollar

We look at a new bot using known default credentials for IoT devices to login and kill the system.

Phishing Analytics - Tracking A Campaign
Or Katz

We look at analytics and correlate various stats to better understand how phishing campaigns work from within.

CloudTest Vulnerability (CVE-2019-11011)
Akamai Threat Research Team

A new version of CloudTest is available that addresses a critical security vulnerability.

Latest Echobot: 26 Infection Vectors
Larry Cashdollar

We look at an updated version of the Echobot binary that has some interesting additions.

Phishing Factories & Economies
Or Katz

We explore specific phishing kits, how they came to be, and what their existence means to the public.

Catch Me if You Can: Evasive and Defensive Techniques in Phishing
Or Katz

We examine several evasive and defensive techniques that have been developed and used on thousands of websites across hundreds of kits.

Identifying Vulnerabilities in Phishing Kits
Larry Cashdollar

Learn about new vulnerabilities discovered while examining hundreds of phishing kits for ongoing research.

New Silex Malware Is Bricking IoT Devices, Has Scary Plans

Larry Cashdollar, who first spotted IoT malware Silex, details how it works and ultimately renders the compromised IoT devices useless.

Building The Future Through Security Internships
Dark Reading

Kathryn Kun takes a look at security talent identification and development, including a look at the Akamai security internship program.

Gaming Industry Has Become Popular Target Of Credential Stuffing Attacks: Study
SC Magazine

Akamai’s State of the Internet / Security report details how cybercriminals are targeting the gaming community with credential stuffing.

Phishing Kit Developers Operate Like Regular Software Shops

Or Katz’s research into how criminal groups look at the legitimate business world for lessons in how to streamline operations and make money.

Finding Beauty In The IT Architecture

Tony Lauro on how appreciation and respect for good real-world architecture goes a long way when it comes to architecting resilient systems.

Pokémon Go Creator Sues Hackers Who Help Players To Cheat
CISO Magazine

Gaming company seeks to stop hackers from stealing, enabling cheating. Will a trend emerge in the courts with more lawsuits?

Threat Advisory: Satori Mirai Variant Alert

Read the official threat intelligence brief of the Satori Mirai Variant Alert published by Akamai on December 6, 2017.

Threat Advisory: CLDAP Reflection

The Akamai Security Intelligence Response Team (SIRT) recently identified a new Connection-less Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (CLDAP) reflection and amplification method. This advisory analyzes the capabilities of and potential defenses against this new type of reflection attack.

Akamai Security Intelligence & Threat Research Blog

Read the latest insights and commentary on relevant topics from Akamai's experts in security intelligence and threat research.

Web Attack Visualization

View threat levels by industry and region, countries launching the web attacks, and the most common Internet attack methods.

Real-Time Web Monitor

View global regions targeted by the greatest web attack traffic, cities with the slowest web connections, and geographic areas with the most web traffic.

Network Performance Comparison

Optimize in real time to improve performance and reliability.

Real-Time Content Delivery

Get real-time visibility into web traffic and attacks.

Global Client Reputation Visualization

Updated daily, the IP reputation map shows the location of each IP address listed in Akamai's Kona Client Reputation dataset. The visualization displays the networks hosting these IP addresses.

IPv6 Adoption Visualization

Review IPv6 adoption trends at a country or network level.

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