• Q4 2015 State of the Internet / Security Report 

    • DDoS, Web Attacks surge; repeat attacks become the norm 
    • Reflection and multi-vector attacks make up the majority of attacks 
    • 40% increase in DDoS attacks and a 28% increase in web application attacks compared with Q3 
    • DDoS spotlight: A multi-vector 309 Gbps, 202 Mpps attack 
    • Example web application attacks and signatures from each of the top 10 attack source ASNs 
    • A look at web vulnerability scanning and probing activity, including top scanned ports

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  • Q3 2015 State of the Internet / Security Report 

    • Record number of DDoS attacks; smaller, shorter likely due to limits imposed by DDoS-for-hire sites 
    • Many web application attacks sourced from servers set up on US-based cloud services 
    • DDoS spotlight: 222 Mpps mega attack 
    • Global map of DDoS reflectors 
    • A look at web scrapers

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  • Q2 2015 State of the Internet / Security Report 

    • DDoS attacks double in frequency, while the number of mega attacks rises 
    • Shellshock vulnerability leveraged in 49% of web application attacks 
    • Spotlight: Multi-vector mega attacks leveraging SYN and UDP floods 
    • Case study: WordPress and the danger of third-party plugins 
    • Analysis: The pros and cons of Tor

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  • Q1 2015 State of the Internet / Security Report

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