Web Attack Visualization

Where are the largest web attacks originating? What is the most common attack vector being used? The Akamai Intelligent Platform delivers more than 2 trillion Internet interactions, protects web applications, and mitigates multiple DDoS attacks each day. We're able to leverage this data to share an informed view into Internet security metrics, including daily threat levels by industry and region, countries launching the web attacks, and the most common Internet attack methods.

Attack Overview

Web application attacks observed between to for

Types of web application attacks include SQL Injection, Remote File Inclusion, Cross-Site Scripting, PHP Injection, and Command Injection. These attacks can degrade web performance, cause a loss of revenue, and harm your reputation. Protect yourself against these types of attacks with a Web Application Firewall and DDoS protection solution.

Attack Breakdown

Total WAF Trigger Rule Frequency
Attacks Observed for All Verticals
Top Country / Area by Attack Frequency
Attacks Sent
Attack Vector Frequency
Attacks Observed

Attack Distribution by Type

During the reporting period, what was the distribution of the most common web attack types?

Geographic Data

Attack Distribution by Source Country