Akamai Evolve Your OTT Strategy

In a time of great transformation in the media business, driven by changing consumer expectations, viewing habits, and broadband adoption, having the right strategic partner who has the experience and track record is mission critical. If you are a premium content distributor or a content programmer, delivering a reliable, scalable, and high quality viewing experience is what will differentiate your Over-The-Top (OTT) offering from the competition.

Evolve Your OTT Strategy

A Strategic Partner. Trusted, Proven and Innovative.
Whether you are exploring opportunities in OTT, are already building your OTT strategy, or are looking to amplify your OTT presence, Akamai can help you manage your business and operational complexities. Akamai’s modular platform simplifies your workflows for a complete OTT solution that fits your needs. We power the OTT offerings of some of the biggest broadcasters in the world such as NBC, CBS, CNN as well as many of the leading native OTT virtual Multichannel Video Programing Distributor (vMVPDs).

Akamai OTT Offerings:
Take advantage of Akamai’s OTT offering that leverages the best in class performance that leads to the highest quality, recognized reliability, and the largest globally distributed infrastructure for the greatest scale. Meeting your OTT distribution and live/on-demand workflow needs, our world-class media workflow and distribution experts will innovate and customize an OTT solution, to remove complexity as your needs and strategies evolve – positioning you for success in this crowded and shifting ecosystem.

Akamai’s platform and people sets it apart from others as we continue to innovate to support the increasing viewer expectations; we are in the center of this transformation, so let us help you capture this enormous opportunity. Contact us at OTT@akamai.com today to set up a time.