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CDN Services for Business

Whether you're delivering business process outsourcing, information services, consulting, staffing or marketing services, your online workspaces must be as fast and easy as consumer marketplaces. Customers expect instant, secure access to web applications, fast and reliable web experiences and optimal mobile performance from anywhere, on any device.

Deliver high-performing websites and applications to keep business moving

Akamai empowers businesses to overcome the challenges related to delivering websites and applications over the Internet by placing all of the delivery capabilities within the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, distributing site and web application optimizations globally and locating them very close to users and data centers anywhere in the world.

Ensure always-on security

With rapid online innovation, new web security threats emerge with equal speed. The challenge is to enable customers to do more online while protecting against cyber security threats that cause downtime, drive up costs and put confidential information at risk. Akamai's massively distributed content delivery network (CDN) provides always-on DDoS protection that ensures neither website performance nor customers' online experience is disrupted.

Leverage cloud services and deliver to any device

On-demand access to core business applications, whether hosted internally or in the cloud, is a requirement in business today. Those cloud-based applications must be fast and reliable globally — on any device — and enterprises need to reconsider their software delivery approach to support broader usage. Akamai's cloud services leverage the Akamai Intelligent Platform™ to deliver web applications and software downloads consistently while providing control and security for users - anytime, on any device.

"As our application grew richer, it became harder for us to deliver content directly to our end-users from our own data centers. We had to find a partner that had the global footprint to help us ensure good performance and security internationally… The solution set Akamai brings to the table is second to none in the marketplace." — Drew Garner, Director of Services Architecture, Concur

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