Akamai Manufacturing & Automotive CDN Services

CDN Services for Manufacturing

As the industry evolves to rely heavily on the Internet for sales, operations, and connected devices, manufacturers trust Akamai to help them ensure their online operations are fast, intelligent, and secure.

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Enable a Digital Enterprise

  • Ensure portals are always-on and perform well 
  • Enable B2E applications to perform consistently around the world 
  • Protect brand image by delivering fast and responsive sites 
  • Ensure the cloud meets business expectations for performance, reliability, and TCO 
  • Accelerate applications and video in branch offices while maximizing enterprise network bandwidth

Secure the Enterprise

  • Reduce the risk of downtime, data theft and website defacement 
  • Protect against the largest DoS and DDoS attacks 
  • Protect against web attacks such as SQL injection, XSS and RFI 
  • Improve availability of DNS services for global users 
  • Maintain availability of Internet-facing applications

Prepare for Future Requirements

  • Facilitate data collection from connected machines for analyzing and making future business decisions 
  • Establish an infrastructure capable of handling IoT initiatives 
  • Expand globally without having to build out additional infrastructure to deploy applications 
  • Handle unforeseen spikes in application or site traffic without downtime or delay

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