Financial CDN Services

Maximizing Digital Insurance Services

To thrive in the faster forward world, insurers need to meet customer and agent demand for instant, secure, reliable online access to digital content and services — on any device, anywhere, at any time.

Today, the biggest brands in insurance trust Akamai to transform the cloud from a chaotic place with unpredictable web performance and hidden cybersecurity threats into a secure, reliable, and cost-effective environment to do business. Leading insurers use Akamai technologies to drive digital transformation in insurance.

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Are you ready for the future of insurance?

Deliver rich solutions without imposing latency for increased staff productivity, revenue gains that strengthen customer relationships.

Akamai Defend Against Cyber Attacks

Defend Against Cyberattacks and Prepare for Spikes in Demand

Akamai’s highly distributed architecture moves attack mitigation away from insurance carriers’ data centers, absorbing and deflecting attack traffic, while at the same time, maintaining performance and availability.

Akamai Digital Insurance Transformation

Digital Insurance Transformation

Digital technologies are changing the way consumers engage with insurers. Insurers must make the digital agenda a high priority and deliver on customer expectations for fast, reliable, secure experiences.

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