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Deliver rich, rewarding gameplay that engages players and keeps them coming back for more.

Slow load times is a key reason people abandon games. Are you giving players the fast, flawless experience they expect? Can you afford not to? Akamai delivers exceptional gaming experiences to millions of people every day on every device by making the Internet fast, reliable and secure.

Akamai Gaming Bigfish Games Case Study

Big Fish Smoothly Evolves to Mobile

Delivering a fast, consistent and secure experience to audiences accessing games from any number of device types and regions isn’t easy. Big Fish recognized that speed and availability were vital to its global mobile success.

Akamai Online Gaming Best Practices Handbook

Keep Players In Your Game

Player expectations and habits are changing. Avoid points of friction leading to player churn by downloading the new Online Games Best Practice Handbook that includes proven ways to keep players in your game!

Akamai Gaming Conversion Funnel

Plug the Leaks in Your Conversion Funnel

Akamai has helped game developers and distributors acquire and retain players for almost two decades, by maximizing the security of games without impacting performance. Learn day 1 launch strategies to maximize customer retention. All you need to stay in the game.

Scale On Demand And Innovate With Confidence

Akamai greatly improves performance for game marketing sites and storefronts, we significantly accelerate delivery of games and Downloadable Content (DLC), and we secure everything from home page to login to game server, no matter where in the world your audience is or what device they’re playing from.

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