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On/Off-Network Control and Protection

Protect against targeted threats when users are on or off network

Your on-the-go workforce expects convenient, secure application access, whether from a hotel, a coffee shop, or even aboard a plane. But connecting through public and guest Wi-Fi can be risky. Without proactive DNS security, off-network users may be exposing your company to serious threats, including malware infection, ransomware, or credential theft.

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Enterprise Threat Protector

  • What protects your users from becoming unwitting bad actors through malware infections? Prevention and detection of targeted threats such as malware, phishing, ransomware, and command and control are crucial for outbound traffic. Apply policy to block malicious activity across your entire enterprise in minutes. Use the DNS control point to uniformly and immediately block malicious domains and communications.

    Stop malware threats from reaching your corporate network.

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Get a threat protection solution that

  • Protects users on and off network
  • Provides visibility of all Internet-bound traffic
  • Identifies and blocks access to malicious domains
  • Prohibits DNS-based data exfiltration