Media Services

Simplify the preparation of online media with integrated transcoding, digital rights management and content packaging

Akamai's Media Services offer a secure, high quality content preparation and protection workflow solution to helping customers quickly and easily deliver video to multiple devices and platforms. Media Services Live offers a high-performance live origin service designed specifically to bring the experience of broadcast TV online, while Media Services on-demand streamlines media workflows, to deliver superior consumer viewing experiences for on-demand streaming.

Media Services Live

  • Akamai has delivered some of the world’s largest live streaming events for over 18 years and some of the world’s most popular live/linear OTT services, giving us a unique vantage point in architecting our live streaming solutions. One of the key lessons that we’ve learned while working with our media customers transitioning to live/linear OTT is that….live streaming is NOT broadcast and broadcast is what TV online needs.

    A closer look at the requirements to deliver high quality live/linear streaming, reveals our customers face a number of sizable challenges. Specifically:

    • Ingestion of Content now needs to be 24x7 rather than event based - How can this be achieved when the Internet is so unpredictable?
    • Broadcast Reliability Online is expected by viewers – When components fail, how can they be sure the end user experience isn’t impacted?
    • Content Delay must be reduced drastically from its 30-60 second delay between what the camera captures and what is seen in the playback - To match true broadcast experiences latency needs to be less than 10 seconds.
    • Secure Transport of content must be handled securely from ingestion and through the delivery chain.
    • Visibility and transparency is beneficial to the customers as they have a view into understanding how their live/linear 24x7 stream is performing so that if there is a problem, they can quickly address it.
    • Providing alternative ways for end users to view their content which are controlled by the customer.

    Product Brief: Media Services Live

Media Services on Demand

  • In today’s competitive content landscape the ability to quickly bring high quality on demand assets is paramount. Audiences expect instant access to content and an engaging online media viewing experience on any device. But getting content online quickly isn’t just about pleasing your viewers, it’s also about maximizing revenue.

    The quicker audiences can consume content the more views the content receives, and where applicable, the more advertising revenue that is generated. But getting content online fast can require service providers to deploy an army of hardware-based resources, and in doing so, incur higher than planned capital expenditure, endure complex content preparation workflows and sacrifice in video streaming quality. All of which make the online video business model hard to build and expand. Among some of the challenges are:

    • High Quality – It’s not enough to have content online quickly, audiences want broadcast like quality across every device.
    • Workflow Complexity – the video workflow is constantly evolving and new standards continue to emerge. On demand workflows now have to be future proofed against changes in video technology.
    • Demand – Are you able to scale demand automatically as needed?
    • Scaling to Peak Demand While Managing Costs – On demand workflows are inconstant in nature and if not carefully managed it can result in having too few servers available when you really need them or too many servers sitting idle waiting for the next batch.
    • Security – must be at the center of any premium video strategy, whether that means protecting content with market leading DRM or integrating per session water marking security must be a key consideration.

    Product Brief: Media Services on Demand