Simply Improve Security Posture

Simply Improve Security Posture

Proactively protect your network against unknown threats

Close the gap in your enterprise security

The threat landscape is getting more complex and more frightening. Many targeted threats like malware, ransomware, data exfiltration, and phishing are attacking the recursive Domain Name System (DNS) and evading detection until it’s too late. Without proactive DNS security, your company could get blindsided by a damaging malware attack or data theft.

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Enterprise Threat Protector

Enterprise Threat Protector strengthens your security posture by adding a layer of cloud-based recursive DNS security. Malware, ransomware, data exfiltration, and phishing threats are proactively identified and blocked based on Akamai’s up-to-the minute Cloud Security Intelligence. Your security team can deploy and configure Enterprise Threat Protector in just minutes, without complexity or hardware, and manage it easily through a cloud portal.

Spotlight on Enterprise Threat Protector
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Get an access solution that:

  • Protects users on and off network
  • Provides visibility of all Internet-bound traffic
  • Identifies and blocks access to malicious domains
  • Prohibits DNS-based data exfiltration