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APIs are at the core of nearly every digital experience, meaning their performance, security, and scalability are critical to engaging customers and increasing revenue.

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Akamai and APIs: Our Story

Modern websites and mobile apps are built from the ground up with APIs. Delivering over 225 billion API and web services transactions on its Intelligent Platform every day, Akamai leverages a unique set of API-specific capabilities designed to provide performance, scale, offload, and reliability to so-called “single-page” websites and mobile applications. Akamai’s unique performance solutions include optimizations for:

API Acceleration

Real-time data collected by Akamai selects an optimal path between your origin infrastructure and the Akamai Edge servers, while proprietary techniques are used to avoid Internet congestion points and unnecessarily long routes.

API Caching

Akamai can cache these responses at the Edge (even for mere seconds) to position the content closer to the consumer requesting it, keeping requests off the cellular network and helping to preserve the battery life of mobile devices.

API Compression

Compression of API responses can reduce the payload size 60-90% and thus the delivery time of API responses.

API Protection

Akamai can apply rate controls to API requests, as well as inspect JSON and XML API calls in order to ensure your web server remains available and the data on it is secure.

API Gateway

Designed for use at the Edge, the Akamai API Gateway helps you easily manage, monitor, and scale APIs that are crucial for enabling new customer-focused business models. It provides you with distributed access, policy, and traffic controls while managing runtime activities such as: routing, traffic management and authentication. API management at the Edge requires fewer round-trips to origin, resulting in improved performance and stability.

API Prioritization Cloudlet

Akamai’s unique edge-based intelligence can throttle the volume of requests that are sent to API-driven applications to maintain availability of key applications, even offering alternate static experiences to handle overflow traffic to ensure visitors have a quality experience even when the application is under extreme load.

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Akamai API Capabilities

Application Programing Interfaces (APIs) allow applications to talk to other applications, and have become crucial backend services to websites and mobile apps. Since APIs are the connective tissue for online business and the driver behind Internet of Things (IoT), optimized APIs can help make your business much more agile. Akamai can help improve the performance and reliability of these crucial assets. Here are five ways to optimize your APIs with Akamai:

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