DDoS and Application Protection

Protect yourself against DDoS common and sophisticated attacks

Get ahead of the changing threat landscape and be better prepared for emerging attack vectors.

Akamai Simplified Security Video
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Security Product Information

  • Kona Site Defender
    Integrated website protection against sophisticated DDoS and web application attacks.

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  • Web Application Protection
    Powerfully simple website protection against DDoS and web application attacks.

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  • Fast DNS
    Cloud-based DNS for improved performance, availability and resiliency against DDoS attacks.

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  • Client Reputation
    Stop malicious clients before they can attack, based on Akamai’s visibility into prior behavior of individual IP addresses.

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  • Prolexic Proxy
    Managed DDoS protection service for individual Internet-facing applications.

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DDoS and Application Learning Center

  • Strategies for API Security
    Cyber-attackers are targeting the application programming interfaces (APIs) used by businesses to share data with customers. In this white paper you will learn about APIs, how and why they are targets for attacks, security models, and how Akamai can help.

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  • Q4 2016 DDoS Attack Spotlight - IoT & Rise of 300 Gbps Botnet
    IoT devices continue to provide massive resources for DDoS and web application attacks. Recent Akamai research delves into evolution of these destructive botnets and the rise of 300+ Gbps DDoS attacks.

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  • Q4 2016 DDoS Stats & Trends Infographic
    DDoS activity from the leading botnets of infection-based malware continued to rise during Q4 2016 with some attacks rising above 500 Gbps. Learn other important statics and trends including top source countries and attack vectors.

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  • Securosis White Paper: Maximizing WAF Value
    WAF technology has been around for over a decade and the technology has evolved from blocking ten known web threats to handling the most threats. But, how well are organizations managing their WAFs and is the technology being used effectively?

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  • Web Application Security Infographic
    Is Your Site Vulnerable to Attackers?

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  • Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Award for WAF
    After industry consideration, Frost & Sullivan awarded Akamai their 2016 Global Customer Value Leadership Award for the Web App Firewall (WAF) Industry listing Akamai as a “powerhouse” in the WAF market.

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  • Frost and Sullivan Global WAF Report
    New research findings offer market perspective and a four-year web application firewall market overview.

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  • eBook: Security Champion’s Guide to Web Application Security
    Security is a tricky business. It's filled with concepts such as least privilege that are easy to request but hard to implement in practice and at scale. Learn the difference between a well-implemented web application firewall and what most companies do - and the implications for your web application defense.

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  • 451 Research: Striking A Balance Between Security and Performance
    DDoS target companies in all verticals and a majority affects the application layer. A web application security solution with DDoS protection is essential, and so the big question is how to get it without compromising application performance. Join 451 Senior Security Analyst Adrian Sanabria and Akamai’s Senior VP/GM of the Security Business Unit Stuart Scholly for a one-hour webinar discussing cloud security solutions that provide protection without performance degradation.

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  • 451 Research: Striking A Balance Between Security and Performance
    Layer 7 DDoS attacks against web applications are on the rise. You need to be ready with robust DDoS defense technology - but do you have to sacrifice web content performance? Learn more in the new Akamai and analyst firm 451 Research webinar Striking a Balance Between Web App Security and Web Content Performance.

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