Akamai Mobile Performance Optimizations


Keeping pace with evolving mobile performance technology requires a focused solution

The staggering pace of progress in mobile technology poses new challenges. Mobile application and website owners need to navigate the overwhelming diversity of smartphones and tablets, variety of operating systems, and multiple browser alternatives with different capabilities. Optimizing mobile performance is critical for delivering a high-quality mobile experience consistently to end users.

Akamai’s mobile performance optimizations are designed to overcome the challenges of all aspects of mobile experiences — including mobile connectivity, delivery speed, device diversity, responsive web design, and developer complexity.

Our mobile performance optimizations focus on three key categories: API’s, mobile apps and mobile websites.

Product Information

  • Akamai Solutions Brief: Mobile Performance Solutions
    Our mobile solutions are built to optimize performance, simplify development and operations for your business and provide your customers with the best mobile experience.

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  • Akamai Ion
    High-performance web and mobile experiences, optimized for any device, network and browser - regardless of the connectivity situation.

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Build Fast, Quality Mobile Experiences

  • Report: Security and Frontend Performance
    This new O'Reilly report explores browser-based solutions that can beef up security and enhance end-user performance in one stroke.

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  • Report: A Billion Mobile Sites Spark No Joy
    Read this new Forrester report and learn how to win, serve, and retain customers in their mobile moments of need.

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  • Ebook: Are You Meeting Today's Mobile Mandate?
    This e-book discusses how implementing intelligent optimization techniques can position your business to succeed in delivering mobile and capitalize on business opportunities.

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  • Brief: Put Web Images on a Diet to Improve Customer Experience
    This new brief from Forrester examines the challenges and complexity rich media is causing for web performance and user experience. It also offers guidance on when and how application and delivery professionals should optimize images to maintain acceptable performance.

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  • Report: Building High-Performance Mobile Experiences
    The new report from Forrester dives into the problem areas that impede mobile app performance. The report also provides guidance for app developers on how to tackle these challenges and make performance a priority.

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  • White Paper: Front End Optimization
    Front End Optimization (FEO) addresses performance by optimizing web pages based on how different browsers render the pages. Learn about how FEO works and how Akamai makes it easy to implement FEO with cloud services that optimize on the fly.

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  • Brochure: Best Practices for Mobile Performance
    We’ve tapped into our mobile optimization experience serving 30% of the world’s web traffic to present some key factors to consider as you develop your mobile web strategy.

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  • E-book: Responsive Does Not Have to Mean Slow
    Responsive websites look better on small screen, but 72% of them deliver the same amount of data regardless of the device. Learn how to optimize the performance of RWD sites.

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  • Infographic: Slow Responsive Websites are Bad for Business
    Your customers have high web performance expectations, no matter the device or network.

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  • Is your website adapting to changing mobile network conditions?
    How optimized and adaptable is your website to changing network conditions? Are you offering customers a consistent experience? Find out with our Mobile Network Performance test.

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