Slow is the new down — 53% of people abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to load.

Don’t let the Internet slow down your business. Akamai’s cloud delivery platform empowers you to deliver superior web, mobile, and video experiences to maximize customer engagement and revenue.

Highly distributed platform with presence in every geography

Akamai’s cloud delivery platform locates edge servers in more than 1,600 networks around the world. In fact, 85% of the world’s Internet users are within a single “network hop” of an Akamai edge server. This global network brings your digital content as close as possible to customers, reduces latency, and increases availability — helping to maximize customer engagement and revenue. And when you offload your content to the Akamai platform, you not only improve reliability, you drastically reduce infrastructure and bandwidth costs.

Automatic performance improvement via integrated machine learning engines

Akamai’s cloud delivery platform not only delivers 95 exabytes of data and ingests 2.5 exabytes of data every year, but also interacts with more than 1.3 billion client devices every day. This big data powers the platform’s integrated machine learning engines, automatically sending content via optimized Internet routes, and avoiding congestion points and outages. Advanced HTTP2 capabilities let the platform intelligently determine the digital content that customers are most likely to request, and automatically push that content to them before they request it — resulting in fast, consistent, and exceptional digital experiences.

Capitalize on new markets by expanding your business globally

With points of presence across the globe, Akamai's platform lets you easily expand to new locales without compromising on availability, reliability, or performance. Our partnerships with key local ISPs such as ChinaNetCenter simplify your ability to deliver superior experiences and capitalize on the high-growth market of China.

Maximize uptime with 100% global availability SLA

Downtime impacts revenue, and reduces brand value and customer trust. Akamai’s cloud delivery platform ensures uptime even during peak traffic conditions.

Effortlessly adopt HTTP2 and IPv6

Akamai makes it easy to add the performance benefits of HTTP2 without making any changes to the origin infrastructure. You can transition to IPv6 seamlessly by leveraging Akamai to reach both IPv4 and IPv6 users.

Get high visibility into digital asset delivery and performance

The platform provides high visibility through detailed application delivery logs from thousands of worldwide edge servers. Real-time visibility into platform behavior data supports your DevOps processes. You can easily leverage this data to optimize your applications to increase revenue and brand value.

Extend business logic to the platform edge

Business-critical activities such as global load balancing and URL redirection occur at the edge of the platform, closer to your customers, for performance improvement and simplified workflows.

Integration with web and mobile performance solutions

Since so many solutions seamlessly integrate into Akamai’s cloud delivery platform, you can continue to leverage the platform at every stage of your digital maturity.