Threat landscapes change continuously. Akamai’s cloud delivery platform provides uncompromising security so that your websites, mobile infrastructure, and API-driven requests are protected from attacks.

Effortlessly embrace “HTTPS Everywhere”

Deliver HTTPS traffic for all of your web properties with our Standard TLS offering, included in most delivery and acceleration products by default. It provides one Domain Validated (DV) SAN SNI SSL certificate and secures user connections over the last mile. Customers subject to higher security and compliance requirements can leverage our Enhanced TLS offering.

Manage compliance to ensure business continuity

Compliance management is crucial to avoid fines from governments as well as reduced customer trust, revenue, and brand value. Akamai’s cloud delivery platform provides integrated solutions and experts to meet business-critical compliance regulations such as PCI, GDPR, FedRamp Compliance, ISO20xxx, HIPAA, FISMA, BITS, and others.

Automatically secure your web applications

Delivering data for more than 6,000 of the largest companies, the Akamai platform has unparalleled global visibility into vast quantities of both legitimate and malicious traffic. The platform’s machine learning engines leverage this data to fortify your web application security by automatically stopping the attacks in the cloud, long before they reach your data center or cloud infrastructure.

Integration with DDoS and bot management solutions

Solutions to mitigate DDoS attacks and manage the business and IT impact of bots are seamlessly integrated into Akamai’s cloud delivery platform, so you can leverage Akamai for all of your present and future security needs.