Our Commitment

At Akamai, we are committed to providing services that help our customers leverage the Internet and improve their own environmental sustainability practices.

Key Objectives

Our goal is to mitigate the environmental impact of our global operations and to be a leader in environmental responsibility in the information communications technology sector.

Engage in Sustainable Activities

  • Ensure that our employees; the people who work for our contractors, customers, and suppliers; and individuals in the communities affected by our activities are treated with dignity and respect
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions of our business operations through energy conservation, energy efficiency and the procurement of renewable energy
  • Responsibly manage and dispose of our electronic waste
  • Deliver sustainable work environments that promote wellness and conservation of natural resources through water efficiency, source reduction, material reuse and recycling, and the purchase of materials containing recycled and/or renewable natural resources
  • Incorporate sustainable procurement practices where possible
  • Support a distributed worker program that helps to reduce employee commuting
  • Implement sustainable procurement practices where possible
  • Incorporate our sustainability principles into our business relationships by seeking similar commitments from our major suppliers

Promote Stakeholder Awareness

  • Foster employee awareness and active participation through corporate communications and select training programs
  • Promote open dialogue and share best practices with our stakeholders

Practice Responsible Corporate Governance

  • Set objectives and targets to promote improvement in our environmental performance
  • Integrate these practices into our business planning, decision-making, performance tracking and review processes to help us achieve stated goals
  • Conduct appropriate reviews of our compliance with this policy, measure progress of our performance, and report periodically to our customers, employees, the Board of Directors, shareholders, and the general public