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Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the leading global service provider for accelerating content and business processes online, today announced that Game Almighty has chosen the Akamai Media Delivery solution to enable the recent launch of its website, a leading online community for gaming information and reviews.

Game Almighty offers the latest industry news and commentary, game previews and reviews, videos and podcasts, as well as user-contributed editorial and creative content – all in a rich, engaging format. The website differentiates itself from other videogame sites, which tend to cater only to hardcore gamers. The experience emulates a graphic novel or comic book through cutting-edge design, a rich user interface and features that appeal to an ever-widening audience of game enthusiasts.

Game Almighty leverages Akamai Media Delivery to deliver Flash-based videos and the "Almighty Podcasts" featured on By leveraging Akamai's globally-distributed platform, Game Almighty can easily add rich content and features like videos and podcasts while providing a consistently high-quality rich media experience for their global audience.

Akamai, a leading content distribution platform for gaming content and updates, helps gaming companies create unique online brand experiences and build communities by allowing them to reliably deliver rich, gaming-related content to their global consumer base. As a result, gaming sites such as expect to benefit from increased page views, conversion rates and user engagements and satisfaction.

"Akamai has proven to be the most trusted and reliable platform for delivering rich media content, ensuring audiences have a superior online entertainment experience," said Ed Allebest, Co-Founder and General Manager of "We're confident that Akamai will fully support our streaming media and content delivery needs today, and can scale with us as we continue to grow our business to become the leader in providing gaming information on the Internet."

Akamai is also working closely with Game Almighty on social media functionality including user-uploaded videos. By leveraging the Akamai platform, Game Almighty can offer fast and reliable delivery of large amounts of user-generated content to audiences around the globe, allowing them to become a favorite game-centric social networking site and online video community for gamers.

"The demand for rich media content delivered over the Internet continues to grow. This trend is especially apparent in the gaming industry as more enthusiasts go online for gaming-related news and information. Game Almighty has built an incredibly interactive and engaging online experience with the use of rich media and Web 2.0 technologies," said Brad Rinklin, Vice President of Marketing, Akamai Technologies. "Akamai Media Delivery is a powerful choice for customers such as Game Almighty, who seek to build a passionate community around common interests in online gaming using sophisticated interfaces and leading edge technologies."

About Game Almighty™ is a cutting-edge provider of videogame, motion picture and entertainment technology content, utilizing advanced social networking. They provide previews & reviews, news & commentary, entertaining video features & podcasts, as well as user-contributed editorial & creative content. Their goal is to do what no other website has been able to accomplish – to combine knowledge, humor, sophistication, and an understanding of what's cool, with an ability to relate to and connect with today's video-gaming and movie-going audiences. To top it off, they are wholly owned and run by Super Heroes. Real crime-fighting, super-human super heroes. For more information on Game Almighty, please visit:

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