Akamai Enhances Offering to Japanese Customers with New Tokyo Security Operations Center to Protect Customers from Downtime and Data Theft

Tokyo, Japan |

Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the global leader in content delivery network (CDN) services, today announced the opening of a new Security Operations Center (SOC) located in Tokyo. The newly opened SOC will provide managed security services to customers with support in Japanese local language and increase capabilities of fast response to Japanese clients to counter the increasing size and complexity of DDoS and web application attacks.

The Changing Threat Landscape

Akamai’s recently published Q4 2014 State of the Internet: Security Report noted a significant increase in DDoS activity across many metrics compared to Q4 2013. Akamai observed 57 percent more DDoS attacks, including 51 percent more application layer DDoS attacks and 58 percent more infrastructure layer attacks, as well as a 52 percent increase in average peak bandwidth of attacks compared to the same quarter one year ago. Significantly more multi-vector attacks were observed – 88 percent more than in Q4 2013 and more than 44 percent of all attacks in the quarter used multiple attack vectors, which include attempts of system compromise and data theft as well.

To counteract this rising threat, Akamai’s new Tokyo Security Operations Center (SOC) provides unmatched scale, intelligence and experience to manage the escalating size, frequency and sophistication of attacks to Japanese clients that operate mission-critical systems, applications and web sites. Akamai has continued to expand its network capacity with the recent addition of a new Scrubbing Center also located in Tokyo and opened in October 2014.

Helping Customers Respond Quicker to DDoS & Web Application Attacks

Akamai’s SOC specialists will have numerous other capabilities including rapidly blocking specific attack types and rate limiting traffic of DDoS and Web Application attacks to avoid overloading corporate networks and applications or compromising customers’ systems. Especially in regards to DDoS, mitigating large attack is virtually impossible for corporations and Internet Service Providers that rely on mitigation appliances. The proactive security services will help customers continuously refine their security posture in the face of the changing threat landscape. Customers will also benefit from solutions tailored to fit a business’ comfort level, staffing and budget levels.

“In addition to media delivery and web performance solutions, cloud security is a critical core business for Akamai and our new Tokyo SOC illustrates our leadership in this area and our commitment to the Japanese marketplace,” said Akamai GK’s President Shinji Tokunaga. “For businesses in Japan that want to strengthen their cybersecurity defenses and expert service in local language, Akamai is now able to offer an enhanced managed security services and capabilities that lead the industry.”

Multiple Layers of Defense in the Cloud

Using Akamai’s unique cloud-based approach, Akamai SOC specialists can deploy, run, and manage the most advanced internet defense mechanism against both volumetric and sophisticated attacks for customers. Akamai customers benefit from increased visibility and reliability of Security solutions built on the same architecture / platform of performance solutions.

About Akamai Technologies GK

Akamai Technologies GK was founded in 2003 by Cambridge, Mass.-based Akamai Technologies Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary in Japan. The company has extensive experience in streaming concerts and sporting events exclusive to Japan, Web applications, and other active content delivery, as well as static content delivery. Over 350 companies in Japan use Akamai Technologies’ services.

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