State of the Internet / Security Reports

No matter which industry you find yourself in, however big or small your business, DDoS and web application attacks impact everyone. Adversaries don’t take vacations, as we’ve all witnessed in the most recent wave of mega and repeat attacks. To help you fortify your security posture and find effective security solutions, the Akamai SIRT (Security Intelligence Response Team) issues an in-depth quarterly analysis and perspective, plus spotlights on recent DDoS and web application attacks.

Most Recent Security Report

2018 State of the Internet / Security – Credential Stuffing Attacks Report

The 2018 State of the Internet / Security - Credential Stuffing Attacks report is based on more than 8.3 billion malicious login attempts that occurred on the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform between May and June 2018. It examines the latest botnet tactics and trends - including target industries and countries, as well as deep dives into a pair of multi-day, multi-botnet credential stuffing attacks at two financial institutions with very different approaches. It also explores why credential stuffing attacks are on the rise and the need for organizations to improve their bot defense.

Past Security Reports

Summer 2018 State of the Internet / Security: Web Attacks Report

The Summer 2018 security report is about change: what’s new and unusual in DDoS attacks, where are the surprising data patterns, and how should enterprises and security professionals prepare for the unexpected. Looking back at November 2017 to April 2018, as well as year-over-year changes, Akamai analysts identified data trends that spotlight the new and unfamiliar. The Summer 2018 State of the Internet / Security: Web Attacks report covers atypical attack methods, credential abuse attacks and law enforcement prosecution of DDoS-for-hire platforms. Guest writer Rik Ferguson also explores future threat scenarios.

Spring 2018 State of the Internet / Carrier Insights Report

The importance of information sharing in the battle against cyber threats.
Collaboration and data sharing are important topics in our latest report. Security in 2018 is a collaborative effort:No single solution and no single team has all the data, tools, or knowledge required to generate meaningful intelligence from the multitude of signals being recorded every second of every day. The State of the Internet / Security: Carrier Insights, Spring 2018 draws from six months of data to cover the following topics: collaboration, zero day domains, malware evolution, and Mirai.

Q4 2017 State of the Internet / Security Report

Mirai continues to threaten; attacks continue to rise over the long term.
Just over a year old, the Mirai botnet and its variants continue to infect and compromise routers and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, with a spike in activity in Q4. Additionally, DDoS and web application attacks both saw year-over-year increases, rising 14% and 10% respectively. This quarter’s report also looks at the past year’s trends in the cyber security threat landscape and what they may portend for the year to come.

Q3 2017 State of the Internet / Security Report

Android-based botnets emerge as a threat.
Infecting as many as 150,000 devices within a matter of weeks, the Android-based WireX botnet demonstrated the worrisome potential for cyber attackers to compromise and leverage mobile devices in their exploits. At the same time, the multi-company effort that resulted in the successful takedown of the botnet while still in its relative infancy underscores the importance and efficacy of cross-organizational collaboration in combating such threats.