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Website and Mobile Acceleration

Deliver high-performance website and mobile experiences, optimized for any device, network and browser, regardless of the connectivity situation.

  • Deliver high-performing website and mobile experiences
  • Increase online conversions and user engagement
  • Optimize for both cellular and Wi-Fi connection

Application Delivery

Leverage the ubiquity and scale of the Internet to deliver applications in a fast, reliable, and secure manner, without having to build out costly infrastructure.

  • Dynamically respond to the unique situation of each user to deliver faster web application responses
  • Anticipate requests in fewer round trips and bytes
  • Deliver SSL-protected site content and mitigate Internet security risks

The Akamai Intelligent Platform™ - The Next Generation CDN


At the core of Akamai’s platform is intelligent software; patented algorithms that help companies overcome unreliable networks, congestion, inefficient protocols and malicious attacks.


The Akamai Platform stands between your infrastructure and the public Internet’s great unknown, helping to protect your content, applications and data centers from cyber threats.


Akamai continues to grow our Intelligent Platform to keep pace with the increasing volume of Internet traffic and devices and the evolving landscape of cyber threats.


We’ve made it easy to customize and control the content and applications you deliver on Akamai’s Intelligent Platform. Get unique views and comprehensive reporting of all your web properties, and a toolset for onboarding.