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A journey through the past, present, and future of Internet broadcasting.

Broadcast Over the Internet Book 2: The Audience of You

We’re in a new era of broadcasting. It’s no longer all about networks and advertisers — it’s about content providers and viewers. We’ve shifted from “prime-time audience” to the “audience of you.”

In Broadcast Over the Internet: The Audience of You, we’ll look at the state of Internet broadcasting, how we got here, and where it’s all headed:

  • The evolution of broadcasting, from the first telegraph in 1844, through radio and television to online video
  • How the Internet has disrupted broadcasting the same way it disrupted retail
  • The need for quality and innovation as online viewers expect “better than broadcast TV” experiences

Broadcast Over the Internet Chapter 2 Stats

The Audience of You is full of valuable insight for broadcasters looking to capitalize on OTT’s vast potential.

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