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Is Your Security Model Evolving With Your Business?

Significant digital transformation is now ubiquitous across the majority of industries, and as a result, companies are turning inside out. Applications increasingly reside in the cloud, outside of IT's traditional zone of control.

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At the same time, cyber criminals are intensifying their efforts. More than 250,000 malicious programs are registered every day,4 and the number of emails containing malware has increased significantly from 1 in 220 emails in 2015 to 1 in just 131 emails in 2016.5

As both company infrastructure and the threat landscape change, how should organizations protect their applications, data, users, and devices?

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Implement a zero trust security model that pivots the common mantra of “trust but verify” to “verify and never trust.” You must assume that the environment is hostile and use the concept of least privilege as a guide.

Read this white paper to learn why your business must move away from traditional perimeter security and how to enforce a cloud-based zero trust security model.

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