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Are Your Current Security Solutions Really Protecting Your Network from Malware?

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    Some examples of malware and command and control (CnC) communications detected by Akamai Enterprise Threat Protector:

    • Andromeda:
      Allows bad actors to install keyloggers, form grabbers, rootlets, and proxies. The compromised devices can also be used as part of a botnet.
    • Necurs:
      One of the largest known botnets. The delivery vector for numerous spam email campaigns that drive users to download malware and ransomware.
    • Malware that uses domain generation algorithms (DGA): Detected a burst of DGA activity to Locky ransomware CnC infrastructure indicating potentially compromised endpoints.
    • Enterprise-wide view of all activity, across all devices
      Understand what is happening across your network with customizable dashboards that detail DNS logs as well as Threat and AUP Events, or export logs to your existing SIEM via an API.
    • Conficker:
      Typical communication to 250 pseudorandom domains. Cracks passwords and hijacks Windows computers into a botnet to distribute spam or install shareware.
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    Enterprise Threat Protector is quick and easy to setup and install, and can be successfully deployed in less than 10 minutes. Configuration and management is done through a browser interface.