Akamai Premium Support enables Viacom to quickly launch sites and execute flawless events while minimizing internal resources

“Akamai Premium Support has enabled us to formalize the integration of Akamai services with our processes. As a result, we can easily scale to satisfy requirements on a global basis.”

Rob Roskin , Manager of Video Operations & Emerging Technologies , Viacom

The Situation

Viacom, a leading global entertainment content company, engages audiences across the globe through television, motion pictures and a wide range of digital media. The company’s family of prominent and respected brands includes MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, BET Networks and Paramount Pictures. Viacom operates over 1,000 global sites and prides itself on being on the cutting edge of online technology and content.

The Challenge

Viacom operates a fast-paced business and moves quickly to deliver new websites and content on aggressive deadlines. A number of the company’s web initiatives revolve around high-profile, highly-branded websites, many of which deliver annual events that draw large audiences. Because Viacom’s brand reputation is closely tied to the ability to deliver Web sites and events without a hitch, the company does all it can to operationalize quality into its global website management. Achieving such high standards can be challenging for a single team that supports all of the company’s efforts around the globe.

The Goals

Viacom needed to meet three key requirements to support its objectives:

  • Operationalize site deployments and maintenance: The company wanted to augment its processes and people to keep up with its fast pace of site deployment and update activities.
  • Ensure flawless live event execution: Viacom wanted hands- on, live event support and a systematic approach to event preparation and execution to ensure it could satisfy its high- pressure requirements.
  • Minimize overhead: The company wanted to support its events as efficiently as possible to minimize staffing requirements.

Why Akamai

A Natural Complement to Core Akamai Services

For over a decade, Viacom had benefited from using services such as Akamai Media Delivery Solutions and Dynamic Site Delivery to support its online initiatives. Its experience had always been that Akamai followed through on commitments and was dedicated to helping Viacom succeed. “It was natural to sign on for Premium Support with Akamai – it provides full event management, covering everything from event planning to post-event support,” explains Rob Roskin, Manager of Video Operations & Emerging Technologies for Viacom.

Simplifying Global Site Deployment

With experience supporting some of the largest rich media web properties, the Akamai Premium Support team has developed standards and processes for website implementation that are designed to ensure quality, consistency and rapid implementation for Viacom’s numerous global properties. By following a standard set of procedures, Akamai’s skilled consultants can help Viacom launch new sites and web initiatives – with speed, quality and maintainability. Akamai helps Viacom extract the most value from its sites by applying advanced performance techniques. “Akamai helps bring order to the chaos of managing multiple brands and sites. Plus it provides guidance so we can make the most of its services,” says Roskin.

Executing Events Without Fail

Executing online events without fail requires solid preparation, proactive measures and fast response to mitigate potential problems. Viacom’s internal teams are already vigilant about monitoring its sites during events for potential issues, yet Akamai’s proactive live event monitoring helps maintain a comprehensive view into all site and streaming video activity. Says Roskin: “We value the fact that Akamai participates in every part of event planning and support with our internal teams. Preparation is key; during a live event, the Premium Support team is in a position to proactively escalate and address any issues to ensure they are resolved quickly.”

Serving as a Seamless Extension of Viacom

With so many sites and events to support, Viacom’s team does all it can to maximize efficiency and productivity. The Akamai Integrated Account Team serves as a seamless extension of Viacom’s team. “The Akamai team is well versed in our business, culture, history with Akamai and current and future web initiatives. This allows us to hit the ground running with each new project,” says Roskin. The Premium Support team works in conjunction with Viacom’s knowledgeable web operations team to maintain order and quality across the more than 1,000 sites Viacom operates.

With insight into the variety of Viacom projects in place at any given time, the Akamai team can help Viacom’s global team and individual Viacom business units extract the most value from their efforts and Akamai cloud services. Plus, by coordinating activities and communications between different departments within Akamai, the Premium Support team forms a bridge that streamlines interactions. Furthermore, the Akamai team has integrated its processes with Viacom’s. As a result, Viacom training, implementation and support requests flow seamlessly through to the appropriate Akamai person in a timely manner.

Just as important, Viacom enjoys the fact that it can turn to a single Akamai contact – its Akamai Engagement Manager – should any issues arise. “Because Akamai Premium Support provides a single point of contact, our efforts are greatly simplified when it comes to resolving issues,” explains Roskin. On top of that, Viacom is covered by a priority SLA as a Premium Support customer.

Going Forward with Confidence

For years, Viacom has considered the Akamai content delivery network (CDN) and cloud services an extension of its web infrastructure. With Akamai Premium Support, Viacom views Akamai as an extension of its overall business. “Akamai Premium Support has enabled us to formalize the integration of Akamai services and processes with our processes. As a result, we can easily scale to satisfy requirements on a global basis,” explains Roskin. Just as important, Viacom is able to influence Akamai’s roadmap by sharing its feedback and insights around the use of Akamai’s services. “As a company that relies heavily on Akamai to deliver our brand around the world, we gain tremendous value from this opportunity to help determine the future of Akamai’s offerings,” concludes Roskin.

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