With Akamai, Vingle Achieves Scalability to Manage Sudden Traffic Spikes

“Vingle delivers a massive amount of content around the world. So the traffic was always hard to forecast. When a specific piece of content goes viral, traffic spikes and sometimes is over 10 times higher than usual. At one point, we hoped that not too much content would go viral. However, with Akamai’s Web Performance Solution, the speed has improved dramatically, and Vingle is able to deliver reliable content around the world based on dynamic scalability.”

Lee Sang-hyun , Software Developer , Vingle Inc.

The Situation

Launched in 2012, Vingle is a community-oriented platform available via mobile and web that helps people to connect and converse with others who have similar passions across the globe.

Currently, it has 3,000 communities in 30 countries, including Korea, the U.S., Japan, and Vietnam. In addition, Vingle has over 4.2 million cumulative downloads, 10 million monthly users and 300 million monthly page views. Vingle was chosen as the most promising startup by venture capitalists at “beGlobal 2014,” a U.S. startup battle.

The Challenge

The Vingle app is available in multiple languages, serving users in different countries. The service operated well in Korea but faced issues in other countries, and it was not easy to identify and resolve this challenge.

Another challenge was being able to respond to sudden, unexpected demand (spikes in website traffic) more effectively. Vingle faced limitations in achieving scalability despite the fact that it operated in the cloud. The company was unable to handle an unpredictable number of users even though the team planned for, and budgeted to accommodate, peak hour demand and Internet traffic in the design process. This resulted in downtime and slow image loads, causing inconvenience to users.

The Goals

  • Deliver content quickly and reliably regardless of location
  • Provide a reliable service to support an increasing demand on both the mobile app and website
  • Optimize operating costs of cloud infrastructure

Why Akamai

Gain Capability to Focus on Rapid Business Growth in a Global Market

Vingle compared a number of Content Delivery Network (CDN) services in terms of performance, cost, and global coverage. Vingle finally chose Akamai solutions due to their excellent global performance. The globally distributed Akamai Intelligent Platform™ provides visibility and intelligence on usage, visitors, and online activities.

“The main purpose of using Akamai CDN Service is to deliver content reliably around the world, and it has already delivered good results. Global coverage, one of Akamai’s strengths, helps us explore potential markets as well as operate our service seamlessly in major countries,” said Lee Sang-hyun, Software Developer, Vingle.

Achieved Scalability to Handle Sudden Spikes in Internet Traffic

Vingle is available in multiple languages to a broad user base around the world. For that reason, the website traffic was always hard to forecast. For example, if a celebrity shares content on Vingle on his/her social network, and this leads to an unexpected spike in users from South America, the system should be able to handle the increased load of visitors. When a specific piece of content went viral at an unexpected time and place, web traffic was generated within minutes at over 10 times the usual volume.

A sudden traffic increase could cause downtime for Vingle’s web and mobile app service. “Failure to keep the Vingle service running smoothly might turn away first-time users. So we tried to respond to ever-growing traffic with additional capacity, but even before that, servers failed and scaling capacity was a huge financial burden. However, with Akamai’s Web Performance Solution, Vingle is able to deliver reliable content around the world based on dynamic scalability,” said Lee.

Builds Reliable Content Delivery Environment with Increased Speed and Scalability

Akamai’s Media Delivery Solution offers diverse technologies to ensure that Vingle can provide reliable access without having to additionally invest in network infrastructure. Also, Vingle has improved the speed of delivery of the dynamic content on the website and has achieved scalability to deliver content reliably.

“I think that Akamai’s solutions are essential to meet our goal of sharing global trends through interests. When we provide the best web and mobile environments based on Akamai’s reliable technology, we hope that the number of users on Vingle would increase further, based on the upward trend we’ve seen so far.” said Lee.

About Vingle

Launched in 2012, Vingle is an interest-based, one-stop community service optimized for mobile devices. Based on its vision “Connect the world through interests,” Vingle provides interest-based communities that set it apart from conventional social networking services. Currently, it has 3,000 communities in 30 countries, including Korea, the U.S., Japan, and Vietnam. In addition, Vingle has over 4.2 million cumulative downloads, 10 million monthly users, and 300 million monthly page views, a sign that it enjoys huge popularity around the world.

About Akamai

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