Infinite Media Products

Infinite products are designed to enable quality video experiences over broadband. Akamai enhances video distribution for your business, whether you are looking to engage global workforces with company wide webcasts or contribute and distribute video streams globally.

Infinite Enterprise

Infinite Enterprise is a video delivery solution optimized for high quality streaming events inside an enterprise environment. The solution is designed to provide secure, reliable and efficient video delivery behind the corporate firewall across global enterprises. Akamai removes complexity from the equation by dynamically determining the most efficient path to use in any corporation infrastructure to ensure live webcasts take place without a hitch and viewers receive a sustained high quality viewing experience.


  • Deliver effective and engaging live corporate webcast events for large global workforces 
  • Scale events globally to engage all employees whether at a corporate location or traveling 
  • Intelligent and efficient streaming technology capable of reducing webcast bandwidth requirements up to 90% 
  • Simplifies complexity without the need to deploy a single piece of hardware

Infinite Uplink

Infinite Uplink is a global video contribution and distribution solution for broadcasters and other content providers. The revolutionary technology provides an alternative to traditional satellite or video fiber solutions offering a cost effective solution that ensures a stable high quality stream from content acquisition to playout by affiliates.


  • Ensure stable video quality is maintained for contribution and distribution 
  • Cost effective alternative to satellite or video fiber based solutions 
  • Attain global reach with distance independent performance technologies 
  • Flexible solution capable of handling point-to-point, point-to-multi-point, or point to consumer content distribution