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On Demand content providers face bigger demands and tighter deadlines than ever. Akamai’s Media Services on Demand solution enables the elastic scalability required to meet these challenges, while simplifying the complex setup and ongoing maintenance needed to produce the high-quality media viewers expect. Designed in the cloud and leveraging patent-pending technology, Media Services on Demand provides the elements required to transcode, package and secure your on demand content library.

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Media Services On Demand
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Media Services On Demand

In today’s competitive content landscape the ability to quickly bring high-quality on demand assets is paramount. Audiences expect instant access to content and an engaging online media viewing experience on any device. But getting content online quickly isn’t just about pleasing your viewers — it’s also about maximizing revenue.

The quicker audiences can consume content, the more views the content receives, ultimately generating more advertising revenue (when applicable). But getting content online fast can require service providers to deploy an army of hardware-based resources, incurring higher than planned capital expenditure. Complex workflows for content preparation also need to be implemented, and video streaming quality may get sacrificed.

All of this can make the online video business model hard to build and expand. Among some of the challenges are:

  • High Quality – It’s not enough to get content online quickly — audiences want broadcast-like quality across every device.
  • Workflow Complexity – The video workflow is constantly evolving and new standards continue to emerge. On demand workflows now have to be future-proofed against changes in video technology.
  • Demand – Are you able to scale demand automatically as needed?
  • Scaling to Peak Demand While Managing Costs – On demand workflows are inconstant in nature. If not carefully managed, you may have too few servers available when you really need them, or too many servers sitting idle waiting for the next batch.
  • Security – Must be at the center of any premium video strategy, whether that means protecting content with market-leading DRM or integrating per session water marking security.

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