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NetSession Interface Design Principles

Akamai NetSession Interface – Design Principles


The Akamai NetSession Interface must protect the user's privacy and be secure from Internet threats.

  1. Privacy – A user's personal information must not be captured. The information that Akamai does capture is similar to a web server and that information is utilized for troubleshooting and network performance monitoring only. Please see Akamai's privacy principles for more information.
  2. Security – Akamai must build secure software which will not add security vulnerabilities to a users' system operating environment. Akamai fulfills this pledge through rigorous systems in prevention, monitoring and 24x7 operations oversight. Please notify us of any concerns via our feedback form.


The Akamai desktop networking technology must treat every user fairly. This means we must put in place policies such that the network operates fairly as a whole and such that the software is polite to each user's system resources.

  1. Politeness – the Akamai NetSession Interface is designed to run as a background networking service. This means that it should not interfere with or affect the user's daily system activity. By developing our networking technology with this philosophy we strive to make software that helps power great applications, but does not get in the way of the normal system usage and experience.
  2. Idle resources only – Available upstream sources are only those systems which are idle or utilizing minimal network resources.
  3. "Always on" clients make for an ultra-polite network. All clients are always on - available to send data when your system is idle. This means there is massive redundancy of peer caches on the network; with such redundancy in resources, the network can be selective about which idle resources to pull from. With all clients on the network following the same protocols and rules, we can thus run a very polite delivery system, maximizing the download performance of the global network without interrupting busy users and machines.


The Akamai NetSession Interface helps to provide the highest quality content and quality experiences on the Net. Below are the key metrics we use to measure our value:

  1. Speed – Always "Akamai speed." The Akamai desktop networking technology is backed by the high-performance Akamai content delivery network. Pulling simultaneously from up to 40 sources guarantees the best download and streaming performance.
  2. Reliability – Links always work. Downloads and streaming services are always up and the Akamai Edge consisting of thousands of servers around the world make sure of it.
  3. Support – Quick turnaround on consumer questions.
  4. Experience – Akamai has designed its client technology to enable compelling software and media applications. Akamai's client-side capabilities include background downloading, download management, progressive media downloads, streaming of HD quality content both live and on-demand.
  5. Content – To the user, content is king. Akamai delivers 30% of the Internet's content, ensuring that the user can access some of the best, most desired content on the Net. Some of the Internet's largest content providers are working with Akamai's powerful desktop networking technology platform to further


The client provides transparency into what the client is doing and the basic functionality to control it (turn on/off, etc.). Our goal is to provide users of the Akamai NetSession Interface comfort that the client is completely under his control.

  1. Knowledge – Akamai provides easy access to information on how Akamai's client technology works, what functions and capabilities it provides on the user's system, and a FAQ for top questions as well as resources/support for more advanced questions, feedback and troubleshooting.
  2. Transparency – The user has the capability to see what the client is doing on their system at any time.
  3. Politeness – The Akamai NetSession Interface respects the user's computing resources and is so polite that it should never affect the user's activity on his system
  4. Control – It is imperative for the user to have absolute control over his system and its resources. We hope that the user never needs to turn the Akamai NetSession Interface off, and that it is so polite that it never affects use of the system in any way. But for any reason whatsoever the control is there.

The Akamai NetSession Interface provides this information and controls via the Control Panel (Windows) or System Preferences pane (Mac).