Ion Release - Q4 2013

In a faster forward world, you need a partner who innovates for speed and reliability, no matter what the situation

We're pleased to announce new capabilities to the Ion solution - adding greater user insights and even faster responsiveness to benefit users across networks, devices and browsers.

We understand your need to provide the fastest, most reliable and secure web experiences possible, regardless of where your users are, or how they choose to connect with your brand.

Optimizing Uniquely for Mobile & Other Challenging Situations

Speed Up Time to First Byte with EdgeStart

End-users begin to judge the quality of their web experience in as few as 2 seconds or less. Akamai has introduced a unique capability that can only be realized by combining the real-time intelligence of Akamai's Front-End Optimization capabilities with the pervasive presence of Akamai's Intelligent Platform. It's called EdgeStart, providing the ability to deliver cacheable resources - like Javascript, CSS and images - to the browser from the edge server closest to the user making a request, while simultaneously accelerating personal or dynamic data from the data center. By assembling the page in the browser as the components become available, EdgeStart reduces page download time, helping improve user engagement and brand fidelity, while reducing abandonment rates and helping improve conversions.

Advanced Image Format Support

Akamai has introduced additional real-time image optimizations that automatically transform images into lightweight, high quality advanced image formats - WebP and JPEG-XR (or JXR) - specifically suited for browsers that support them. This results in less data required to deliver a superior web experience to a variety of web browsers - between 30% and 50% smaller files at the equivalent image quality.

Improved Browser Cache Management

If making resources available in cache at the Akamai edge is good, then making them available in the browser cache is even better. Last year Akamai launched Ion, which introduced page-load performance improvements that benefit users the first time they request a resource by in-lining Javascript into HTML. Now, Akamai has gone beyond simple inlining and introduced new web optimizations that analyze the result of the first page request, so that more resources can be stored locally, allowing subsequent requests to benefit from the immediately-available browser cache.

Evaluate Front-End Optimizations - Before Changing Any Configurations

Helping customers maximize their investment is our primary focus. As part of this commitment, we're placing the power of the platform into your hands, by introducing a new tool in the Akamai Control Center to help customers evaluate the effectiveness of specific web optimizations. This capability will test a variety of configurations against your website and make the web performance impact and streaming video results available in the portal to help evaluate the relative effect of optimizations.

Making Every Web Experience Faster

From the First Hit to the Last Byte Fast, Scalable and Secure DNS

Resolving the initial host name request quickly is paramount to meeting user performance and response time expectations. Fast DNS, now included with Ion, offers a fast, secure and scalable DNS solution that leverages the globally-distributed and highly scalable Akamai-Anycast DNS network. Fast DNS can act as either Primary or Secondary DNS, delivering, unparalleled DNS reliability, scalability and performance.

Greater Insight into End-User Situations

Akamai understands that your business relies on consistent and reliable visibility into the performance your customers' web experience, across browsers, networks and devices. This release provides a longer window for capturing historical RUM data to identify key areas for performance improvement and attention. We've also introduced reporting for Adaptive Image Compression, so that you gain better visibility into image optimizations based on network conditions.