API Gateway

Scale access and simplify policy controls for APIs

APIs are crucial for enabling new customer-focused business models. An API Gateway provides a single entry point for all API consumers, maintains a secure connection to your API backend, and governs API traffic. The Akamai Intelligent Platform™ delivers API Gateway functionality at the edge, providing fine-grained control over API access that maximizes scalability and reliability. Push governance, authentication, and authorization to the edge and at the center of every user’s experience.

Six Flags Case Study

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Learn how offloading APIs helped Six Flags deliver great app experiences

Akamai API Gateway Authenticate and Scale Video
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What Is Akamai API Gateway?

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The Akamai API Gateway governs your API traffic by authenticating, authorizing, and controlling requests from API consumers. It leverages Akamai’s cloud delivery platform that delivers over 445 billion API hits a day and maximizes your scalability and reliability. This empowers you to spend more time focusing on API strategy, design, and implementation, instead of building and maintaining management infrastructure.

Scalable Access Control

  • Validate JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and API keys at the edge to maximize scalability and reduce infrastructure buildout.
  • Reject unauthorized requests before they reach your origin.
  • Simplify API key lifecycle management.

Quota Enforcement

  • Set and enforce the number of API requests allowed per hour, per API consumer.
  • Enforce business SLAs and enable tiered access for APIs.

Developer Tools

  • Use common API definition language documents to quickly deploy APIs on Akamai (Swagger and RAML).
  • Automate management of API Gateway via rich set of administrative APIs.
  • Define caching and delivery rules for each API (independently from your domain’s overall configuration on Akamai).

Seamless integration with Akamai Intelligent Platform™

  • Protect APIs from malicious traffic with Kona Site Defender and Bot Manager.
  • Equip APIs with routing and protocol optimizations.
  • Improve reliability with traffic management solutions.