Dynamic Site Accelerator

Network optimizations to deliver rich, dynamically generated content

Dynamic Site Accelerator enables globally consistent web performance up to five times faster than your original web infrastructure, easily handling the specific requirements of dynamically generated content and freeing you to pursue innovative new ways of connecting with users around the world. It accelerates highly interactive websites and provides visibility and intelligence on usage, visitors and online activity, leveraging the globally distributed Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM to help you deliver dynamic, interactive content at scale.

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Akamai Leading the Way to the Future

Leading the Way into the Future of the Web

After years of working to define and implement the latest version of the underlying protocol of the web, HTTP, Akamai has now successfully chaired the committee to help define the next generation of performance and security for HTTP, known as HTTP/2.

Akamai Open Developer API

Build the Future of the Internet

Visit {OPEN}, Akamai’s developer resource to learn, discuss and build solutions that utilize APIs with Akamai’s {OPEN} Platform.

Akamai Consumer Experience

Performance Matters to your Bottom Line

This series focused on eCommerce and Financial Services sites provides data and insights into why businesses need to make mobile performance a priority, the business impact of slow performance, and tips on creating an excellent digital experience for your current customers while attracting the next generation of customers.

Learn key consumer insights about mobile performance and how they impact your business.

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