Global Traffic Management

Global load balancing across multi data center and cloud environments

Global Traffic Management leverages the Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM to apply an Internet-centric approach to global load balancing and real-time failover. Designed to ensure high availability and responsiveness to user requests, Global Traffic Management is a fully fault-tolerant and cloud-based solution — unlike traditional hardware-based solutions that reside within the data center. It makes intelligent routing decisions based on real-time data center performance health and global Internet traffic conditions, ensuring that user requests are delivered via the best possible Internet route for that user, in that moment.

Global Traffic Management Fast DNS

Fast DNS

Improve the performance, availability and resiliency of your DNS resolution with Akamai’s cloud-based DNS service.

Akamai Alta Web Performance


Alta is a cloud-based application delivery platform designed to enable enterprises to deliver all of their web-based applications in a fast, reliable, secure and cost-effective way to any user, on any device.

Akamai Enterprise Experience

Application Delivery Solutions Overview

Watch an overview of how organizations of all sizes can overcome the new realm of application delivery challenges brought on by the globalization of enterprise and consumerization of IT.

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