IP Application Accelerator

Fast throughput for IP-enabled business processes

IP Application Accelerator (IPA) enables enterprises to deliver IP applications to globally distributed users quickly, securely and reliably - without the expense of building out and supporting dedicated IT infrastructure. Built on the Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM, IPA supports web applications such as real-time interactive web conferencing and virtualized applications and desktops (VDI), in addition to supporting hosting and SaaS providers in the delivery of remote desktop management, hosted email, archiving and other applications.

Akamai Web Performance

Global Traffic Management

Global Traffic Management is a load balancing and failover solution that makes intelligent routing decisions based on real-time data center performance health and global Internet conditions to ensure user requests are routed to the most appropriate data center.

web application accelerator cloud monitor

Cloud Monitor

Cloud Monitor is a real-time, cloud-based push API service that delivers critical transaction and security event data from Akamai's Intelligent PlatformTM to your reporting environment.

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Akamai Community

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