CDN Cloud

As the demand for online video continues to rise, content delivery network (CDN) administrators are turning to CDN cloud services to meet subscriber expectations more effectively and cost-efficiently.

Enterprise and media site administrators are under increasing pressure to deliver quality video services at reasonable costs. To address this demand while dealing with the reality of rapidly growing online traffic, network administrators must deploy the latest and most sophisticated CDN architecture in order to stay competitive. For site admins who don't have the expertise or resources to build and implement a world-class CDN from scratch, CDN cloud services from Akamai offer advanced CDN features while reducing cost and complexity, enabling administrators to take advantage of trends in this rapidly evolving industry.

CDN cloud services from Akamai

Serving 15% to 30% of all Internet traffic on a daily basis, Akamai is the leading provider of cloud services for enterprises around the world. Akamai's solutions enable secure, high-performing user experiences on any device, anywhere. By managing the underlying complexities of doing business online, Akamai enables enterprises to capitalize on market trends like the demand for online video while overcoming challenges of security and scalability.

Akamai CDN cloud services include Aura Managed CDN, a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) suite of CDN solutions that lets network administrators deploy a highly scalable and turnkey CDN platform on servers monitored and managed by Akamai. With Aura Managed CDN cloud services, network administrators can dramatically reduce deployment time and upfront costs while optimizing their network for content delivery and launching their own video services. Akamai's CDN cloud services enable administrators to leverage Akamai's technology and expertise to deliver multi-screen video services and commercial CDN services without adding complexity or significant capital expenditure.

Akamai's CDN cloud solution enables network administrators to:

  • Reduce complexity by deploying a turnkey CDN solution.
  • Lower costs by offloading controlling OTT traffic and eliminating costly hardware.
  • Improve revenue by selling top CDN services directly to content owners.
  • Offer premium subscription content on a wide variety of devices.
  • Enhance the online experience by accelerating web content and streaming to any device.
  • Rely on Akamai cloud security solutions to defend against CDN DDoS attacks and other threats.

Components of Akamai's Managed CDN cloud solution

  • Aura Edge eXchange (AEX), a CDN cloud solution for delivering online video content and commercial CDN services.
  • Aura Control System, a unified set of tools enables CDN administrators to interface with a full suite of Akamai network administrator products.
  • Akamai Federation, enabling administrators federate with the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, the world's largest distributed, cloud-computing platform.

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