CDN Technology

Content delivery network technology, or CDN technology, has played a significant role in making Internet content available to users. Using an array of geographically distributed servers, CDN technology accelerates delivery of CDN internet content by caching content in several locations and fulfilling user requests for content from the closest server. As web content has become increasingly complex, CDN technology has helped to provide better online experiences for users while also enhancing security, minimizing costs and improving traffic management.

Today, CDN technology is evolving to respond to new challenges. With the rise in demand for CDN video streaming, page load times are becoming increasingly slow. Mobile devices are requesting content far from origin servers and that hasn't yet been optimized for mobile use. Security concerns have moved to the fore as the retail and financial services industries have embraced CDN technology. And more dynamic sites are displaying complicated, non-cacheable content using complex logic

To adapt, enterprises and network administrators require a next generation CDN technology that is cloud-based, PCI compliant, analytics-driven and globally distributed to accommodate a global workforce. And as has been the case since the beginning of CDN technology, Akamai is leading the way.

CDN technology from Akamai

Serving up to 30% of all Internet traffic, Akamai operates the world's most highly distributed CDN technology and provides a next generation CDN solutions for leading companies around the world. Akamai cloud CDN services help to deliver secure, high-performing user experiences on any device, anywhere in the world. By eliminating the complexities of Internet and CDN technology, we let enterprises focus on market opportunities rather than the challenges of doing business online.

Our next generation CDN technology includes:

  • Akamai Media Delivery Solutions, helping administrators to meet audience demand for large file downloads, live streaming and video on demand (VOD).
  • Aura Managed CDN, providing a highly scalable and turnkey CDN service residing on infrastructure managed by Akamai experts.
  • Aura licensed CDN, a suite of capabilities that enable administrators to deliver next generation IP video services to any device.

Benefits of Akamai's CDN technology

With CDN technology from Akamai, enterprises and network administrators can:

  • Secure your CDN infrastructure from highly sophisticated threats like CDN DDoS attacks without sacrificing website or web application performance.
  • Optimize mobile, web, streaming and VoD CDN performance to enhance user experiences, improve conversions and increase profitability.
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of managing CDN technology.
  • Take advantage of new opportunities and create new revenue streams by satisfying user demand for exceptional online services.