Information Security Compliance

Public versions of our compliance documentation, covering everything from ISO to HIPAA, SOX and PCI DSS. If you want to know what Akamai does to heed myriad government regulations and industry standards, this is the place to find it.

  • Akamai and ISO Compliance: Quick Facts
    Akamai is currently assessed annually against the controls in ISO 27002. Here's a glimpse of how Akamai's procedures apply – and how the company helps customers address their own needs – around the standard.

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  • Security Awareness Training at Akamai
    At Akamai, security awareness and training is an ongoing process that begins on day 1 for most employees. What follows is a summary of the program, followed by one employee's personal training experiences.

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  • Incident Management at Akamai
    At Akamai, incidents happen daily. Despite strong controls, it's inevitable that problems will arise when so much content is being handled, processed and distributed within Akamai and on behalf of customers. To deal with that reality, the company has a set of procedures to manage incidents as they materialize. Most incidents are resolved by small interventions in the network.

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  • Akamai's InfoSec Program
    The Information Security Program is designed to provide clear, concise information security policies, guidelines, and standards. Every employee's role is critical. Alert, committed, and involved employees are Akamai's best defense against the loss of sensitive information. All employees are expected to assess risks to Akamai, develop mitigating strategies, and monitor existing policies and effectiveness of safeguards.

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