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Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) Platforms

Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) platforms can help enterprises seamlessly transition to a world of cloud applications, a globally distributed digital ecosystem, and where the Internet becomes the corporate network. SIG platforms are scalable, cloud native, and consolidate security gateway functions which can be consumed as a service. They can be setup in minutes versus the hours and days of training classes and certifications associated with legacy solutions.

Higher risk requires new approaches

Direct Internet access combined with cloud applications and a mobile workforce aren’t compatible with legacy security approaches based on virtual or hardware appliances. Appliances that not only require end-users to fire up a client and get routed back to a centralized location, but that often only enforce policy on web based traffic on ports 80 and 443, or provide full enterprise network access. Access by laptops, servers, mobile and IoT devices to the web and cloud applications is only a part of the story. Most corporate users continue to require access to applications hosted behind the firewall in their data centers or IaaS providers.

Effective, easy to consume Cloud Security services

Modern security architectures assume that everything on the network is hostile; gone are the days of “inside versus outside” and perimeter security. Organizations are starting to see enterprise networks as a costly liability, where malicious actors might use full network access to move laterally and exfiltrate data over often unprotected channels. In addition to keep up with the cloud app traffic deluge more organizations are switching to direct Internet access at the branch.

Secure Internet Gateway platforms generally include access and attack protection services centered on the following integrated capabilities:

  • Always-on advanced threat protection both on and off the corporate network
  • Proactive DNS and HTTP based advanced threat protection across all ports and protocols
  • Intelligent proxy forwarding based on suspected malicious traffic
  • Inline data inspection with antivirus and machine learning based heuristics engines
  • Threat intelligence and insights based on Internet traffic visibility
  • Threat intelligence and insights based on Internet traffic visibility
  • Adaptive secure access, with single sign-on across on-premises, IaaS and software as a service applications
  • Dynamic, native multi-factor authentication
  • Native identity provider to create, control and federate identity
  • Infrastructure isolation from the Internet
  • Global application acceleration and load balancing
  • Web application security
  • Open API support

Secure Internet Gateway platforms are the future of enterprise security services - born in the cloud to protect cloud applications and mobile users.