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Communications Service Provider Solutions

Retain subscribers and mitigate risks

Superior web experiences are essential for attracting subscribers in today’s digital world. You need to optimize network traffic to deliver engaging service portals, on-demand video and entertainment apps, and digital marketplaces. And you need to operate a cost-efficient network, with strong security to maximize business performance in today’s ultracompetitive communications service provider market.

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Communications service provider websites and apps are susceptible to a wide variety of threats. Cyberattacks can hamper customer satisfaction, tarnish your brand and impair revenues. Protect your business and avoid service disruptions with Akamai web security solutions

DDoS Protection

Keep your customer portals, web apps and enterprise IT systems up and running at with our cloud-based DDoS protection solutions. Akamai mitigates thousands of attacks every month, with the industry’s highest-capacity DDoS mitigation platform.

Bot Management

Avoid fraud and protect revenues with our advanced bot management solution. Automatically identify, categorize and police bots based on business policies. Prevent bad bots from abusing credentials, hijacking accounts or impairing performance.

DNS Security

Protect your authoritative DNS service and avoid service disruptions with Akamai DNS security solutions. With thousands of DNS servers and hundreds of POPs, our global, high-performance DNS solution are designed to help you keep your subscribers happy even through the largest attacks.

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