Akamai Manufacturing & Automotive CDN Services

Manufacturing & Automotive

Enterprise IT must meet two main requirements for manufacturing and automotive organizations: deliver sites that meet customer expectations, and ensure an agile, stable enterprise application delivery infrastructure that supports employees and partners globally. Everyone connected to the enterprise expects instant, secure and reliable access to websites and online workspaces – increasingly through mobile devices.

Optimize site and application performance to keep business moving

User expectations for website and mobile performance are exceedingly high. Automotive consumers want to compare features and models quickly during their online shopping experience. Dealers want fast access to inventory information. Manufacturing customers want product information — often from the field or factory floor — and the supply chain relies on business critical applications. Akamai optimizes web experiences and applications within the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, delivering the software performance and availability that enable businesses to deliver fast, reliable and engaging web experiences on any device, anywhere in the world.

Protect the enterprise from an evolving threat landscape

Akamai data shows that enterprises continue to be the largest target for security attacks. Websites that can't handle high-volume DDoS attacks or defend against online data breach and other web application attacks don't deliver on their business missions. Akamai's globally distributed content delivery network (CDN) protects against DDoS attacks, SQL injections and data breaches. Our 'always on' protection is delivered far from the data center at the edges of the Internet to keep data safe, user engagement consistent and web performance high.

"Audi AG views Akamai as a scalable extension to the infrastructure of our internal web center and offers us a quality of web performance which we would not be able to achieve by our own means." — Christian R, Audi AG

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