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China CDN

Extend Akamai's global presence to capitalize on the unprecedented growth of the online Chinese market

With more than 550 million users, China has the world's largest online population, representing more than 1 out of every 5 online users globally1. And with only 44% of China's population on the Internet today2, that growth will continue. Enterprises all over the world are looking to tap the enormous potential and explosive growth of online audiences in China.

However, China's Internet infrastructure is unique and contains a dynamic, increasingly mobile user base. Akamai recognizes that providing engaging, high quality online experiences to these users requires a reliable, secure, high-performance online delivery solution that also meets China's regulatory requirements. A "do-it-yourself" approach will not address these challenges.

Akamai's China CDN offering, built with Akamai content delivery technology and offered through a partnership, is designed to simplify your ability to deliver the performance, quality, reliability and security that mainland China users expect. By extending the power of the Akamai Intelligent Platform, China CDN meets the unique content delivery challenges that China presents, while reducing operational strain on your organization. And because Akamai understands the business and institutional requirements involved in delivering your content within China, we can work with you to mitigate regulatory surprises.

For over a decade some of the world's largest enterprises have been complementing their existing Akamai delivery solution with China CDN and recognize it is crucial to providing a high quality web experience in mainland China. Delivering your online content from servers outside of China – even from servers on the Pacific Rim – simply cannot match the performance made possible with the China CDN option. Akamai employs multiple optimizations that help reduce latency and packet loss while increasing performance when delivering from an origin outside of China. (Figure 1)

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Akamai Network Performance Comparison

Due to the complexities that exist within China's network infrastructure, merely considering the number of servers deployed is not sufficient criteria for determining how to best serve an Internet user from outside the country. Akamai has always designed its solution to optimize many aspects of the website and content delivery equation through intelligence deployed at the edge, close to end users. As a result, China CDN places your content in close proximity to key population centers in China. We also utilize network optimization technologies like our FastTCP protocol, SureRoute, Advanced Cache Optimization and others to dramatically improve performance –especially over Internet connections with high latency or packet loss, which are prevalent in Chinese terrestrial and mobile networks. The China CDN option offers:

  • POPs in all three major China ISPs
  • POPs in the top 10 highest disposable income provinces
  • POPs in the top 10 most populous cities
This network footprint provides high performance content delivery to China's major metropolitan areas, as well as coastal and inland regions, without comprising protection or uptime.

Reliable access to China's growing broadband-connected population is the key to a successful presence, and Akamai's China CDN option extends the stability, performance and security that mainland China users expect. So you can relax, knowing that your content is available through a global delivery solution with expertise to meet the challenge of an accelerated Chinese Internet.

*Akamai Global Network Performance Comparison Tool, December 2013