Akamai Network Operator Intro

Network Operator Solutions

Optimize network traffic, enable new revenue streams and control costs

Subscribers expect a broadcast quality experience with engaging video content on any device. Akamai Network Operator Solutions help providers operate a cost-efficient network that capitalizes on traffic growth and new subscriber services by reducing the complexity of building a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and interconnecting it across providers.

Operator CDN Solutions

  • Aura Licensed CDN

    Licensed suite of Operator CDN software to enable IP video services, enhance subscriber QoE and reduce network costs

    • Reduce costs by consolidating media CDN infrastructure
    • Transform streaming video and accelerate software delivery to any device
    • Increase revenue opportunities through retail CDN services and tiered service upgrades
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  • Aura Managed CDN

    Managed Operator CDN suite to deploy a highly scalable, turnkey CDN

    • Reduce cost and complexity with a turnkey media CDN solution
    • Transform QoE by extending online video libraries to any IP connected device
    • Control CDN performance through comprehensive analytics and reporting
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  • Aura Object Store

    Highly scalable, persistent media content store for CDN content origination

    • Extend CDN capacity and scale to billions of objects and petabytes of storage
    • Support live and on-demand web apps with adaptive streaming
    • Offer non-stop operation with in-service capacity expansion and software upgrades
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  • Akamai Accelerated Network Partner

    Add CDN capacity to your network and deliver superior Quality of Service for subscribers

    • Add CDN capacity to your network quickly and easily
    • Accelerate performance from within your own CDN
    • Save network costs on transit and backbone using a CDN platform
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Intelligent DNS Solutions

  • AnswerX

    Intelligent DNS for fast, secure, personalized user experience per connection and device

    • Monetize DNS services with permanent, subscriber-aware preference management
    • Protect DNS environments with granular controls for customers vs. non-customers
    • Reduce cost/complexity by eliminating dependencies on secondary recursive resolvers
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Mobile Network Solutions

  • Mobile Network Solutions

    Optimize and monetize the mobile network

    • Deliver a high-quality mobile video service to mobile subscribers
    • Enable new mobile video delivery services
    • Analyze and benchmark mobile network performance
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