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Cloudlet Applications

Smart, scalable apps at the Akamai Edge to help simplify your web operations and improve the user experience. These apps are quick to configure, require no custom development work at your data center, and can safely be extended to additional users to control without giving full access to your Akamai configuration in Luna Property Manager.

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Akamai Cloudlet Edge Redirector

Edge Redirector

Easily manage and offload high volumes of URL redirects to the Akamai Edge

Akamai Cloudlet Visitor Prioritization

Visitor Prioritization

User-friendly waiting room application for business continuity during peak traffic

Akamai Cloudlet Image Converter

Image Converter

Dynamically manipulate images in the cloud for responsive web design

Akamai Cloudlet Request Control

Request Control

Provide fast and easy access control for your web applications

Akamai Cloudlet Forward Rewrite

Forward Rewrite

Rewrite clean or semantic URLs at the Edge of the Akamai Intelligent Platform

Akamai Cloudlet API Prioritization

API Prioritization

Prioritize visitor traffic segments to your API driven native mobile app or single-page application

Akamai Cloudlet Audience Segmentation

Audience Segmentation

Perform a traffic split with cookies for A/B testing with session stickiness

Akamai Cloudlet Phased Release

Phased Release

Facilitate a fast rollout of code changes to production with real users and the ability to failback

Akamai Cloudlet Input Validation

Input Validation

Protect your site from behavioral or brute force attacks through misuse of web forms