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Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM)

Customer identity and access management (CIAM) enables you to build unified, data-rich customer profiles — that are highly secure and meet compliance requirements — all while delivering powerful insights to help you provide personalized customer experiences.

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What is a CIAM

There is a common misconception that technology for customer identity and access management (CIAM) is the same as that for traditional identity access management (IAM).

Traditional IAM is designed to limit employee access to internal systems. It cannot provide insights into who a user is. CIAM platforms, on the other hand, are architected to give companies maximum value from customer profile data.

CIAM platforms enable seamless and frictionless customer experiences, so tasks like login, authentication, or preference management don’t impede activity. Additionally, they address the critical need to secure personal data across public networks, even as they enable global businesses to comply with varied and frequently changing privacy regulations.

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Choosing a CIAM

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Akamai Identity Cloud

Akamai Identity Cloud

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RFP for CIAM Platforms

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