DNS Services and Security

DNS Services and Security

For a mission-critical Internet, safety, reliability, and speed rely on a great DNS.

Domain Name System (DNS) is currently undergoing a renaissance. Known as the “Internet Phone Book,” due to its primary function in resolving Internet domain names (URLs) to their corresponding numbers (IP addresses), DNS can now be used in many other ways.

DNS hasn’t often generated much excitement, but that might be changing. ISPs can now base value-add or enhanced services on DNS. Content providers benefit from more accurate content mapping enabled through the EDNS0 Client Subnet (ECS) extension. Enterprise CSOs are looking at DNS to help mitigate security threats, and content providers can use DNS for load balancing to improve website performance and/or to protect their sites from DDoS attacks.

The trick is to understand not only how DNS is applied in these scenarios, but also what to look for in DNS solutions. DNS may be a standard, but not all DNS is created equal. Keep reading to learn more and bookmark this page to remain up to date!

Akamai How DNS Performance Affects Internet Performance
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DNS for ISPs

  • Whitepaper: Carrier-Grade Advanced rDNS
    ISPs and network operators are rethinking DNS — as a network asset, a services platform, and as a security tool. “Carrier-grade” DNS must be built to a higher standard and feature the performance, reliability, and flexibility necessary to not only meet the needs of demanding end users but also to help reduce operational costs. Rich extensible policy helps ISPs create differentiated services designed to build customer loyalty as well as increased ARPU. DNS-based policies also help ISPs protect their customers from malware, phishing, and harmful Internet content, creating safer and more secure Internet experiences for all end users. What should ISPs/operators be looking for in DNS solutions? This white paper provides the keys!

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  • Industry Report: DNS reboot: from commodity to strategic asset
    Read what Jennifer Pigg Clark, VP of Research for 451 Research, says about DNS as an effective tool for threat mitigation.

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DNS for Websites

  • Akamai DNS Security Resources
    It’s one thing to simply build a website and make it available to customers and prospects. Building a great website — one that’s always available and performs at a level that delights your customers — is an entirely different matter. And because access to your website begins with a DNS query, your great website requires great DNS! Great DNS is able to fend off Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) and other types of attacks. Whether implemented as a primary or secondary service, great DNS can improve the overall responsiveness and performance of your website. Indeed, great DNS can be critical to the success of not only of your website, but also your business. Learn more about how secure and reliable DNS can impact the effectiveness of your website.

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  • Whitepaper: Designing DNS for Availability and Resiliency against DDoS Attacks
    Understand why DNS has to consider more than just capacity when architecting for large DDoS attacks.

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DNS for the Enterprise

  • The enterprise threat landscape is evolving fast. Advanced threats such as malware and ransomware are increasing in volume and becoming more effective at circumventing traditional security approaches. In addition, increasingly sophisticated threat delivery combined with the adoption of SaaS, Cloud, and IoT in the enterprise, has introduced new visibility, control, and security gaps. Every web request from the enterprise begins with DNS, making it the perfect control point to secure enterprise-wide visibility into web requests and apply security policy. Cloud-based recursive DNS infrastructure combined with global visibility and threat intelligence can help enterprises quickly detect, identify, and mitigate advanced threats, all while enforcing an acceptable Internet-use policy across the enterprise.

  • Whitepaper: Akamai Expands Security Portfolio for Enterprise Customers
    Secure application access and DNS protection are first out of the gate

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